I’d rather spread the WORD’s  Words

   and be judged by  the world,  rather

    than spreading the world’s words

        and  being  judged  by  GOD !


Heaven’s passing by

Well it’s time to try ,

Apathy induces sighs

Heard over the cries ,

I can’t easily disguise 

You’ve touched my soul ,

Then   slowly put it on hold

Made it shine like gold  

A mere object  to  mold

That’s  just  acquired ‘n sold 

But  after we  reveal ,

What  our  hearts conceal

That  pent up  grief

In  our  soul  is  relieved ,

And with love we conceive !

Obscured  from any view

This  page   stores   the clues

Of passion meant  for  you ,

The meaning  comes through 

When you  believe  it’s  true !